James Stoddard President
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Rotary Club of Santa Maria Noon
We meet In Person
Tuesdays at 12:00 p.m.
Santa Maria Inn and virtual
800 S. Broadway
Santa Maria, CA 93455
United States of America

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Thanks Amy!
Amy Lammert receives flowers from the Club for her efforts in the November 2020 Fundraiser.
Rotary President Fred Donati and Team Captain Alli Borja present a check to Kira Cosio Santa Maria Director of CASA. 2020
Ellen Torres Director of Casa of Hope presented a check by Rotary Team Captain Ken Dally 2020
Open Space non profit. This team made the most money. Bob Frias Rotary Team Captain, Jon Blanchard, Richard Niles and another board member.2020
Club President Fred Donati presents a check  to the YMCA! 2020
ECHO, Team Captain Heather Weare, Rotarian Fred Pratt, Steve Baird and two members of this veterans non profit.2020
Centennial Video
Home Page Stories
Planting 100 Trees in a local park sounded like the perfect idea commemorating 100 years of Service Above Self!  The Rotary Club of Santa Maria collaborated with Santa Barbara County Parks Department, Friends of Waller Park and Your Children's Trees to achieve this lofty goal in Spring of 2022.  Every Club member participated. Several spouses became Honorary Rotarians by digging in with the Club on Saturday mornings.  Local longtime tree lover and volunteer Jorge Jimenez was the leader of the project at Waller Park.  The very popular County park located in the Santa Maria vicinity was named for 1927-28 year President of The Rotary Club of Santa Maria, L.D. Waller.  Each tree has been numbered and will be GPS identified and paired with the like numbered past 100 Club Presidents. 
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Marta Brown

May 28th Rotator
May 28, 2024
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May 21, 2024
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May 14, 2024
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May 07, 2024
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Past Presidents
Note that the first District Governor from District 5240
was Dr. August Mollath 1936-1937
Jesse H. Chambers 1922-1924
C. Leo Preisker 1924-1925
Arthur D. Church 1925-1926
Louis N. Crawford 1926-1927
L.D. Waller 1927-1928
Frank H. Gates 1928-1929
Roscoe E. McCabe 1929-1930
D.T. Batchelder 1930-1931
Harry C. Dorsey 1931-1932
Dr. T.H. Conser 1932-1933
Walter W. Stokes 1933-1934
Wm. J. “Prof” Wilson 1934-1935
Robert A. Bruce 1935-1936
Dr. August Mollath* 1936-1937
Herschel Scott 1937-1938
George M. Scott 1938-1939
T.A. “Cap” Twitchell 1938-1940
Morris J. Stephan 1940-1941
B. Russell Griffith 1941-1942
Fred O. Sherrill 1942-1943
Clyde E. Dyer 1943-1944
Joe D. Robinson 1944-1945
Curtis Tunnell 1945-1946
Allen T. Fesler 1946-1947
Edward E. Adler 1947-1948
Fred L. May 1948-1949
York Petersen 1949-1950
Raymond R. Hardy 1950-1951
Everett Swords 1951-1952
Frank A. Brown 1952-1953
Robert M. Poole 1953-1954
C.W. Ford 1954-1955
Clifford C. Roemer 1955-1956
Charles G. Dorsey 1956-1957
George C. Smith, Jr. 1957-1958
Winston F. Wickenden 1958-1959
Ezra C. Lyon 1959-1960
Allen West 1960-1961
Galen Hartwich 1961-1962
Frank G. Toller 1962-1963
William H. Holman, Jr. 1963-1964
Billy N. Bellis 1964-1965
Carl W. Engel 1965-1966
Robert S. Magee 1966-1967
Walter D. Gregory 1967-1968
M. Allen Woods 1968-1969
Dennis A.C. Dallaston 1969-1970
John A Gilliland 1970-1971
John L. Spencer 1971-1972
William J. Ward 1972-1973
S. Jon Gudmunds 1973-1974
H. Stanley Brown 1974-1975
Robert N. Winters 1975-1976
Charles R. Hebard 1976-1977
Lane E. Bryant 1977-1978
Paul K. Weber 1978-1979
Maurice F. Twitchell 1979-1980
Michael K. Welch 1980-1981
Donald E. Lahr 1981-1982
Thomas Allen 1982-1983
Clark Miller 1983-1984
Hans J. Kardel 1984-1985
Keith A. Lapp 1985-1986
Gerald L. Bartell 1986-1987
William Tibbs 1987-1988
Leroy Small 1988-1989
Robert Miller, D.C. 1989-1990
Ben E. Russell 1990-1991
Robert E. Acquistapace 1991-1992
Kem Weber 1992-1993
Tony Cossa 1993-1994
Peter Donohue 1994-1995
Robert Schmidt 1994-1995
Tom B. Martinez 1995-1996
Larry Letters 1996-1997
Ron Nanning 1997-1998
Jan Leaverton 1998-1999
Fred Sanders 1999-2000
Jane Norman 2000-2001
John Riedel 2001-2002
John Henning 2002-2003
Greg Muscio 2003-2004
Joe Sheaff 2004-2005
Connie Blackwell 2005-2006
Camille Edie 2006-2007
Scott W. Dunn 2007-2008
Ken R. Nelson 2008-2009
Susan Rees 2009-2010
Bob Frias 2010-2011
Laura Mohajer 2011-2012
Frank Culley 2012-2013
Yvonne Biely 2013-2014
Lisa Long 2014-2015
Ken Dally 2015-2016
Jason Diani 2016-2017
Heather Weare 2017-2018
Michelle Shipman 2018-2019
Cynthia Schur 2019-2020
Fred Donati 2020-2021
Virginia Perry Souza 2021-2022
Bob Curry 2022-2023