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Fellow Rotarians,

This week's meeting is a very important meeting in the life of The Rotary Club of Santa Maria.  President Elect, Fearless Fred Donati, will be outlining his goals for the upcoming Rotary year, which begins on July 1.  If there is any way that you can make the online meeting I urge you to be there.  I am sure that he wants to get as much input from as many members as possible.

Ken Dally didn't get the chance to fine people last week, so he will be chomping at the bit to extricate Benjamins from unsuspecting Rotarians.

The “President For A Day” tradition continues with June meetings hosted by Past Presidents Susan Rees on June 2, Ken Dally on June 9, John Henning on June 16 and Scott Dunn on June 23.  Perhaps on June 30 we can meet at Buena Vista Park for lunch and a final clean up service project for the year.    

Thanks for all you do for Rotary, YIRS, Cynthia   




The Rotary Club of SM Meeting May 19
Tue, May 19, 2020 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (PDT)

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 This Week's Meeting
Fred Donati
Next Year's Rotary Plans

  Last Week's Meeting

Viola Fuss
Classification:  Arbitration Expert
President Cynthia called the meeting to order at 12:10 PM. Those in attendance were President Cynthia, Alli Borja, Carlie Engel, Ken Dally, Tom Ross, Bob Curry, Tom Martinez, Fred Pratt, Terrilee Coleman, Susan Rees, Yvonne Biely, Heather Weare, Scott Dunn, Jaime Stoddard, Thomas Edison, Atilla the Hun, and John Henning.
John Henning provided the Invocation and Fred Pratt led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
President Cynthia introduced Bob Curry, who is Associate Superintendent of Allan Hancock College and Vice President of Academic Affairs.  He talked about how the COVID-19 has affected the college.  On March 16th they got the “Stay at Home” order from the State.  Luckily they were going on Spring Break beginning the next Monday.  They took the Spring Break week and another week to get their response together.  At Hancock they teach 1500 classes, and their job was to teach all the faculty members how to teach online in that two week period.  All the courses had to be approved to be taught online, so they got an Emergency Remote Teaching (E.R.T.) permission for all the classes.  They decided to teach all of their classes at the time they were originally scheduled to be taught.  The school loaned out all the extra laptop computers they could find and all the hot spots they could locate.  Approximately 91% of the classes were changed to E.R.T.  Classes like nursing and other healthcare classes, and law enforcement were not able to fully convert to E.R.T.  This has been so successful that they are planning on having almost all of the fall classes online.  In a normal semester between 5 and 30% of the students drop classes.  During this semester the drop rate has been much lower.  It appears that more students are taking their studies seriously, perhaps because they no longer have employment.  Enrollment for Summer and Fall are up so far, but registration just started.  He is cautiously optimistic.  Normally when there is a downturn in the economy there is an increase in enrollment, and he is expecting that to continue in the Fall semester  All of the community non-credit classes have been cancelled, but he is trying to see about converting some of them to online classes.  He was happy to say that none of the full time employees at the college were laid off.  The college is undecided at this point about Fall sports.   
In club news, Jim Talbott was to have an evaluation today.  We continue to keep him in our prayers.
Next week Fred Donati will be talking about his plans for next Rotary year.
On May 26th we will have a speaker talking about COVID-19 and unemployment.
The meeting was adjourned at 12:50 PM.
Heather Weare Receives Special Commendation From the Governor
The Rotator has reported on more than one occasion that Heather Weare's goal during the COVID Shutdown was not to lose any of her children.  In a strange twist of fate she almost lost two of her children, but ended up with a special commendation.  A couple of weeks ago she had a disagreement with two of her children.  They decided to run away and join the circus.  As they were hitchhiking on Highway 101, a CHP officer noticed them.  He picked them up and brought them back to their home, with the idea of discussing the situation with Heather and finding out if any child abuse or negligence charges were in order.  In the ten minute ride to their house his thinking was completely rearranged.  When he arrived he asked Heather, "Ms. Weare, are these your children?"  She answered, "Why yes, officer."  He continued, "And have you been taking care of them for the entire shutdown?"  "Of course.  Is there a problem?" she asked.  "No ma'am.  I'm going to give your name and story to my supervisor for a special commendation.  You deserve a reward for putting up with those two for the entire shelter at home period.  You must be a saint.  I don't know how those kids did it, but in the ten minute ride from the freeway to your house they managed to give me a wedgie while I was driving and take my walkie-talkie.  They were in the process of removing my weapon and holster when we arrived.  I better check and see if I still have my wallet."   True to his word, the CHP officer did tell his supervisor, who passed it on up to his supervisor, and so on until Governor Nuisance, sorry, I mean Newsom, heard about it and decided that we all need some good news during the pandemic, so he gave Heather a special commendation for keeping her family together.
Rotary Stuffing Party
This past weekend the Rotary Stuffing Party was held at my house.  Sharon and I stuffed 150 hygiene kits that will be given to the Good Samaritan Shelter and to Catholic Charities.  Many thanks to Judy Hearn and Blanche Fugate from the Santa Maria Inn for donating some shampoos that were needed and to Country Oaks Care Center for donating some toothpastes, razors, and mouthwashes for the kits.
                        UPCOMING EVENTS & GUEST SPEAKERS 

May 12th...Online Meeting-Fred Donati and the Upcoming Rotary year
May 19th ... Online Meeting
May 26th...Online Meeting
June 2nd ... Online Meeting with Susan Rees
June 9th ... Online Meeting with Ken Dally
June 16th ... Online Meeting with John Henning
June 23rd ... Online Meeting with Scott Dunn
                        AND......REMEMBER, EXCITING Program Speakers:
                                  1)  Help keep member attendance UP,
                                  2)  Attract  and engage NEW MEMBERS,
                                  3)  Make the difference between...
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