President's Message
Happy New Year!! So for the last week this is the little piece of paradise my family has been calling home. No indoor plumbing, but there was one electrical outlet near the office which meant we could use a rice cooker. Coffee off a camp stove, no Starbucks on the north shore.
Simple pleasures, right?  When was the last time you "unplugged? " No television, instead "television " was watching the sun rise and set, or watching whales dance and play. Emails checked once a day only. Ok, not truly unplugged but slightly disconnected.
Maybe our central coast doesn't allow us to spend hours with the children of our family, swimming with turtles or watching fish all the colors of the rainbow, but magic can happen when you go outside and disconnect from life for awhile.
When was the last time you saw a teenager build a sand castle for fun? How was your life before email, text messages, Facebook, television on demand, 24 hour everything and food already wrapped and packed in layers of plastic?
I challenged you before to call a friend, did you do it? Now I challenge you to connect with life. Leave your phone at home, go outside for a walk and really observe what's around you. Play with a child and really pay attention to that child, frolic. Smell a flower that's outside, take a whole afternoon to plan and prepare a meal and then really enjoy it, bite by bite.
We take ourselves much too seriously; the world will continue to turn without us. Take a few hours for yourself and your family now, don't wait for the perfect time. I'm sure if you asked an elder they would tell you that there is no time more perfect than the present.
Her Royal Highness, Your President, Heather Weare
President 2017-2018
Today's Program
January 9th
On the Run with Luis Escobar
Recent Trip to Bhutan
We have invited Brian Weber from Santa Maria Tool; Bobby Cobb from Perry’s Electric Motors and Controls and Don Lahr from Lahr Industrial Welding to briefly share their business history and employment challenges and what they think are possible solutions.
This is in addition to the program. Consider inviting a guest to our meeting!
Nicey Chang, our exchange student, and Frank Ortiz will play a clarinet duet at our meeting.
Change in Meeting Room
Next week we will meet in the Cabana Room, not the Kent Room as previously announced.
Rotary Float in the Rose Parade
The weekly speakers and programs are critical to a successful club!  If you have an idea or a program that you would like to see,
please contact Yvonne Biely, Program Chairman.  And as Yvonne always says,  “There are a terrible lot of lies going about the world, and the worst of it is that half of them are true.”

Upcoming Events
January 9th:  Kent Room, On the Run with Luis Escobar, recent trip to Bhutan
January 16th: Cabana Room, SMHS Principal Joe Domingues, Head Football Coach Dan Ellington, & Team Captains
January 23rd:“My Year as our Rotary Club President and why our Club’s traditions matter” (various Past Presidents will be our speakers that day) 
January 30th:  Club Assembly
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Heather Weare - President
Jason Diani - Past President

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Frank Culley - Secretary
Rick Ellison - Treasurer
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Andrew Millar - Club Service
Danielle Martinez - Youth Services
Virginia Souza/ - International Service
Patrice Mosby- Community Service
Brandon McCool/Ruben Escobedo - Vocational Service
Tom Martinez -"TRF" Found. Chair
Ron Nanning - Membership "Induction"
Susan Rees/John Henning - Membership "Orientation"
Yvonne Biely - Programs
Frank Culley - Website
TBD   - Sargeant At Arms
Frank Culley - Sunshine Reporter
Michelle Shipman - Fundraiser Chair
TBD - Publicity
TBD - Historian
Blanche Fugate - Awards Chair
John Henning - Rotator Editor
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Greg Muscio
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