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Scott Dunn and Bob Frias have lined up another great program for you. Former noontime Rotarian and friend Gillian Cole-Andrew, People Self Help Housing’s Director Of Communication and Resource, will bring us an update on how the Covid -19 pandemic has impacted efforts to provide housing solutions in SB and SLO counties. Fine Master Ken Dally is rigorously researching finable actions and will be ready to dish out fines. Tuesday is Cinco de Mayo, so be sure to wear your best Cinco de Mayo garb.   

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May 5 Rotary Meeting
Tue, May 5, 2020 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (PDT)

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Happy Star Wars Day!   May the Fourth be with you!
 This Week's Meeting
Gillian Cole-Andrews
People Self Help Housing

  Last Week's Meeting

Levon Hold
Classification: Complaint Department Manager
President Cynthia called the virtual meeting to order at 12:10 PM.  Those in attendance were President Cynthia, Allison Borja, Susan Rees, Ken Dally, Ron Nanning, Virginia Perry Sousa, Terrilee Coleman, Tom Ross, Mayor Alice Patino, Carlie Engel, Scott Dunn, Fred Donati, Fred Pratt, Yvonne Biely, Jo Grande, Heather Weare, Erin Krier, Jessa Brooks, Ron Nanning (I included him twice because I forgot to include him last week), and John Henning.
The Invocation was provided by John Henning and Fred Pratt led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
There was one visitor, former Rotarian and part time paramour of Carlie Engel, Gillian Cole-Andrews.
Fine Master Ken Dally had a grand time recognizing his fellow Rotarians.  The ever vacationing Susan Rees had a birthday.  She celebrated by going whale watching in Maui.  She needed to save her money for her next vacation, so she asked everyone else to pay.
Fred Donati had a birthday in April.  He spent it on house arrest, like all the rest of us have been doing.  He got to watch cars driving down the 101 as a birthday celebration.  He has never paid for the table, and so he asked the rest of us to pay for his incarceration.
Carlie Engel had a birthday the day before our meeting.  Because of technical problems we could not hear how he celebrated, but we thought we heard that he would pay for the rest of us.
There were several anniversaries.  Ron Nanning celebrated 36 years of wedded bliss on March 24th.  The Rotator asked Ron’s wife Mary if she agreed with Ron’s assessment of “36 years of wedded bliss.”  She answered, “No comment.”  They did celebrate by getting take out from Trattoria Uliveto and a bottle of sparkling wine.  Ron agreed to pay $50.
Scott Dunn celebrated 22 years in Rotary.  He agreed to round up his assessment to $25.
Tom Ross also celebrated 22 years in Rotary.  Naturally he was shamed into rounding up his happiness assessment to $25.
John Henning was fined $10 because he refused to divulge whether he was wearing pants or not.
Virginia Perry Sousa is still reading War and Peace.  She is about halfway done with this 1400 page tome.  She started having technical problems, so Ken fined her $1400 when she couldn’t hear him.
President Cynthia asked members to discuss their COVID-19 projects.She has needlepointed a pillow.
Heather Weare’s main project was not to lose any of her multitude of offspring.  So far she has been mounting our Rotary banners for display for when we next meet in the Santa Maria Inn.
Tom Ross has been helping his wife make masks.
Ken Dally remodeled his bathroom.  He was so proud of his finished work.
Carlie Engel has been working on his newest VW project in his garage.
Fred Pratt has been trying to keep his hotel afloat and dealing with the city planning department to get a new house on the property of the Vets house.
Mayor Alice Patino was our program.  She has been going to lots of meetings about the COVID-19.  She said that she went to Avila Beach this past weekend and there were lots of people walking around up there.  In Santa Maria the city recreation and parks department has been driving trucks for the Food Bank.  She is on a committee that is formulating a strategic plan for opening up the city.  Right now the County Public Health Department is calling the shots as it pertains to when things can open.  When things do open up they will open up in phases, and we will join with San Luis Obispo County and Ventura County for a regional opening up.  Starting next week there will be a mobile testing unit at the Fair Park that will test people who have symptoms.  It will be there for 20 days.
President Cynthia said that she is going to be an Assistant Governor for the Rotary year 2021-2022.
She said she received an email from Jim Talbott and he was in good spirits.  She asked us to keep him in our thoughts and prayers, as well as Mike Biely and Doug Coleman.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 PM.
                                  Maricopa Update  
One of our top investigators from Maricopa has reported from sources deep inside the administration of Governor Nuisance, sorry, I mean Newsom, that the governor is going to enact more stringent regulations this next week regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.  Starting next Monday anyone over the age of 65 will have to have a note from his or her doctor and cosigned by his or her mother allowing him or her to leave the house.  Law enforcement officers in all jurisdictions will be strictly enforcing this new regulation.  The first offense carries with it a $500.00 fine.  The second offense finds the offender taking a one way trip to the guillotine, or as they used to call it during the French Revolution, "The Hungry Lady."  When asked about the severity of the punishment Governor Nuisance, sorry, I mean Newsom said, "Well, they are going to die anyway.  Why not hasten the process and get it over with?  This way is a lot quicker and less painful than dying of the COVID."
                        UPCOMING EVENTS & GUEST SPEAKERS 

May 5th...Online Meeting
May 6th...Group 12 Joint Social 6:00 PM at the new Coast Hills Building - Mexican dinner and margaritas
May 19th...Region Group 4 Awards Dinner SLO Country Club
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                                  3)  Make the difference between...
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6:00 PM Santa Maria South
The Historic Santa Maria Inn
12:00 PM San Luis Obispo
Madonna Inn
7:00 AM SLO DayBreak
Et Viola on Los Osos Valley Rd.
Cambria Sunrise Centennial
Cambria Cafe
7:15 AM Solvang Breakfast
Alisal River Grill
Ian McPhee's
12:00 PM The Rotary Club of Santa Maria
The Historic Santa Maria Inn
Pismo Beach/5 Cities
Ventana Grill at Shorecliff ZLodge
Morro Bay
The Morro Bay Golf Course
7:00 AM Grover Beach
Mission Inn, Pismo
Nipomo (updated 7/25/2018)
Butterfly Grill-Monarch Dunes, 7:00 a.m.
Paso Robles Sunrise
Paso Robles Golf Course
12:00 PM Atascadero
Atascadero Lake Pavillion
San Luis Obispo de Tolosa
Madonna Inn
12:10 PM Santa Ynez Valley
Santa Ynez Valley Marriott
6:00 PM Lompoc Rotary Club
Lompoc Embassy Suites
7:00 AM Santa Maria Breakfast
The Historic Santa Maria Inn
12:00 PM Paso Robles
Paso Robles Inn Ballroom
Arroyo Grande
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Marriott Buellton
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