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Fellow Rotarians,

Thanks for attending Art Fisher’s “Unite to Light” presentation.  

Peter Lopez and Virginia Souza’s matching purchase, along with the Club’s purchase of the solar lights will allow us to spread the word of this global project by using the lights as speaker gifts. This effort is now confirmed as a Rotary Peace Building Project thanks to the swift work of all involved. Thanks to Peter and Virginia’s solar light donation the club now has enough speaker gifts to extend through Fred Donati and Virginia Souza’s presidential years.  Thank you Virginia and Peter for setting this Peace Builder project in motion.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all Tuesday when Jon Hooten will share the community benefits of the AHC Promise Program.




 This Week's Program

       Jon Hooten

Allen Hancock College Foundation



"The Hancock Promise"



Last Week’s Meeting
Everett Possum
Classification:  Appalachian Chef
President Cynthia called the meeting to order at 12:10 PM.  Jaime Stoddard provided the Invocation and Carlie Engel led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
There were no visiting Rotarians.
There was one guest of a Rotarian.  Terrilee Coleman introduced her husband Doug.
Virginia Perry Souza introduced Art Fisher from the Rotary Club of Carpenteria Breakfast.  He spoke about “Change a Life.  Light the World.”  He has been a Rotarian since 1985 and is a Past President of his club.  There are about 1 billion people in the world living without electricity.  In many underdeveloped countries the main source of light is a kerosene lantern, which smells and puts out a lot of smoke.   Shuji Nakamura is a professor at U.C.S.B. and he invented the LED light, which was paired with a photovoltaic cell and a battery to create a light that can be used to read at night for six to eight hours.  If you buy a light from Unite to Light, they will donate a light to someone in an underdeveloped country.  The lights sell for $20 and they also sell cell phone chargers for $60.  Under the Peace Builder Offer our club can buy 20 lights for $10 each.  But wait, there’s more.  If you buy 20 lights within the next ten minutes Jaime Stoddard will give you a free refrigerator and waive the delivery charges.  (I just made that last part up, he never waives the delivery charges.) 
Peter Lopez jumped at this offer and agreed to purchase $200 worth of lights.  President Cynthia said the club would also purchase $200 worth of lights to give to our speakers.
Yvonne Biely forgot that she had the Exemption Badge, but did manage to tell us that she was minding her friend’s mother while her friend went on vacation.  Her friend’s mother broke her glasses right before the vacation was supposed to end.  Yvonne took the glasses to Lens Masters and Eric fixed the glasses to be as good as new and didn’t charge  a penny when he found out that Yvonne was a Rotarian.  Eric’s father is Jerry Bartell, a Past President of our club.
Yvonne eased right in to bragging about her grandson, who is going to state trooper school in Washington.   He has great scores in artillery and in driving, which thrust him to the top of the class.
Finemaster Ken Dally assessed Tom Allen $5 for his phone going off during the meeting.  Tom ended up being the lucky one.  Ken flushed out an endless supply of Mardi Gras trivia which he gleaned from the internet, and he used it to fine just about everyone in the club.  Laura Mohajer, Jaime Stoddard, Bob Frias, Terrilee Coleman, Tom Martinez, Carlie Engel, Ron Nanning, Judy Hearn, Virginia Perry Souza, Cynthia Schur, Scott Dunn and Fred Donati were recognized $10 each.  Ken also fined himself $20 because he got the baby in his cake.
Laura Segura reminded us that March Madness starts this week.  We all need to donate blood  in our friendly competition with the Kiwanis.
John Henning reminded us to bring in our soaps, shampoos, conditioners, etc. for the green bucket.
Member picture
The drawing for the Exemption Badge was held and Ron Nanning was the winner.
There were 21,000 pesos in the 50/50 drawing.  That’s about $6.27.  Carlie Engel had the winning ticket, but gave marble picking rights to Heather Weare.  She was not as lucky as Carlie.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:24 PM.
Fred Donati's Mardi Gras Party
March Madness Is Here





                        UPCOMING EVENTS & GUEST SPEAKERS
February 25th...Art Fisher, Rotary Club of Carpinteria Breakfast Solar Project and Tess Huang, Exchange student update...
March 1st to 31st...March Madness Blood Drive
March 5th...Jon Hooten, Allen Hancock College Foundation
March 7th...Rotary Club of Santa Maria South Shredfest 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
March 10th... Jay Connor, Honor Flight Network
March 14th...District Training Assembly Bakersfield 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM
March 21st...District Training Assembly Oxnard 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM
March 31st... District Award Submissions due
April 8th... Day of Hope Corner of South Broadway and Betteravia 7:00 AM
April 30th...7th Annual Ladies Get Loud CALM Dinner - Tickets $50 - See Terrilee Coleman
May 6th...Group 12 Joint Social 6:00 PM at the new Coast Hills Building - Mexican dinner and margaritas
May 19th...Region Group 4 Awards Dinner SLO Country Club
                        AND......REMEMBER, EXCITING Program Speakers:
                                  1)  Help keep member attendance UP,
                                  2)  Attract  and engage NEW MEMBERS,
                                  3)  Make the difference between...
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6:00 PM Santa Maria South
The Historic Santa Maria Inn
12:00 PM San Luis Obispo
Madonna Inn
7:00 AM SLO DayBreak
Et Viola on Los Osos Valley Rd.
Cambria Sunrise Centennial
Cambria Cafe
7:15 AM Solvang Breakfast
Alisal River Grill
Ian McPhee's
12:00 PM The Rotary Club of Santa Maria
First & Third Tuesdays
The Historic Santa Maria Inn
Pismo Beach/5 Cities
Ventana Grill at Shorecliff ZLodge
Morro Bay
The Morro Bay Golf Course
7:00 AM Grover Beach
Mission Inn, Pismo
Nipomo (updated 7/25/2018)
Butterfly Grill-Monarch Dunes, 7:00 a.m.
Paso Robles Sunrise
Paso Robles Golf Course
12:00 PM Atascadero
Atascadero Lake Pavillion
San Luis Obispo de Tolosa
Madonna Inn
12:10 PM Santa Ynez Valley
Santa Ynez Valley Marriott
6:00 PM Lompoc Rotary Club
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7:00 AM Santa Maria Breakfast
The Historic Santa Maria Inn
12:00 PM Paso Robles
Paso Robles Inn Ballroom
Arroyo Grande
Rotary Bandstand
Marriott Buellton
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