Dear Rotarians ,

As discussed last Tuesday, August is Rotary Membership Month.  This past week Rotary International published an article entitled, “Reasons to Love Rotary Right Now.”  Many times we forget about the connections we share as Rotarians and how much good is going on in the world because of that connectivity.

Reasons to Love Rotary Right Now:
  1. Because we are about to eradicate a disease, and you can be a part of it;
  2. Because you are connected to people who take action;
  3. Because our Foundation is 100 years strong;
  4. Because we know all about social networking;
  5. Because the good you do really does come back to you;
  6. Because membership just became a lot more flexible;
  7. Because our work to support peace and end conflict is making the world a better place – one person at a time;
  8. Because Rotary’s scholarships help the best and brightest achieve their goals;
  9. Because science says Rotarians are happier and healthier;
  10. Because our future is bright.
As we share our passion for Rotary with our friends, family and colleagues, let us remember to tell them why we “Love Rotary Right Now”.  It really is an exciting time to be a Rotarian!


Jason Diani
President 2016-2017
The Rotary Club of Santa Maria