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President Jason Diani Says
Dear Rotarians ,

As discussed last Tuesday, August is Rotary Membership Month.  This past week Rotary International published an article entitled, “Reasons to Love Rotary Right Now.”  Many times we forget about the connections we share as Rotarians and how much good is going on in the world because of that connectivity.

Reasons to Love Rotary Right Now:
  1. Because we are about to eradicate a disease, and you can be a part of it;
  2. Because you are connected to people who take action;
  3. Because our Foundation is 100 years strong;
  4. Because we know all about social networking;
  5. Because the good you do really does come back to you;
  6. Because membership just became a lot more flexible;
  7. Because our work to support peace and end conflict is making the world a better place – one person at a time;
  8. Because Rotary’s scholarships help the best and brightest achieve their goals;
  9. Because science says Rotarians are happier and healthier;
  10. Because our future is bright.
As we share our passion for Rotary with our friends, family and colleagues, let us remember to tell them why we “Love Rotary Right Now”.  It really is an exciting time to be a Rotarian!


Jason Diani
President 2016-2017
The Rotary Club of Santa Maria
President Jason Diani Says 2016-08-09 00:00:00Z
Words of Wisdom from Ken Dally

Update from President Ken Dally

Spring is here and there are several activities that THE Rotary Club of Santa Maria is involved with:
  1. Green Bucket – Be sure to bring in your toiletries and place in the green bucket to be donated to the Domestic Violence Solutions organization.
  2. Blood Drive - We are in a friendly competition with Kiwanis to see who can accumulate the greatest number of blood donations at the local blood center behind Lassens Natural Food Market on Broadway.
  3. Work day at Domestic Violence Solutions house on Saturday April 2.  We will be painting and cleaning to upgrade this house used by many battered and abused women in our community.
  4. Pedal Against Polio – On Saturday April 9 the three Santa Maria Rotary Clubs will compete in a 20 mile bicycle relay race with the proceeds going to fight polio.
  5. The third annual Day of Hope benefiting Marian Cancer Care patients at the Mission Hope Cancer Center will sell newspapers on street corners  April 13. 
These are opportunities for all of us to put into action our Rotary motto of Service Above Self.  Please sign up and participate in as many of these activities as you can for the benefit of the many worthwhile organizations that we support.

Ken Dally
Words of Wisdom from Ken Dally 2016-03-15 00:00:00Z
Board Meetings are Open to Everyone
One of the ways the General Membership can have input into the workings of the Club is to attend the Board meetings.
Board Meetings are Open to Everyone 2010-04-18 00:00:00Z
The Rest of the Story
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The Rest of the Story 2010-04-18 00:00:00Z
If You Have Nothing to do, Read This
If You Have Nothing to do, Read This 2010-04-11 00:00:00Z
Interested in The Rotary Club of Santa Maria?

We meet at 12:00 Noon on Tuesdays at The Historic Santa Maria Inn.
Please contact Ken Dally (President) at: ken@dally.net or call Ken at (909) 240-7093

Interested in The Rotary Club of Santa Maria? Frank Culley
President Elect - Jason Diani (2016 - 2017)

President Elect - Jason Diani (2016 - 2017)

President Elect - Jason Diani (2016 - 2017) Frank Culley
Past President Lisa Long (2014 - 2015)

 Past President Lisa Long (2014 - 2015)

Past President Lisa Long (2014 - 2015) Frank Culley
President Ken Dally (2015 - 2016)

President Ken Dally (2015 - 2016)

President Ken Dally (2015 - 2016) Frank Culley
President Elect Nominee - Heather Weare (2017 - 2018)

President Elect Nominee - Heather Weare (2017 - 2018)

President Elect Nominee - Heather Weare (2017 - 2018) Frank Culley
Past District Governor Frank Ortiz Presides on June 2nd

A good friend of our club, Frank Ortiz, was the substitute President for President Lisa Long on

June 2, 2015. Frank asked several members, who have been in the club for a long time, to

reminisce and share high lights of their membership. It was during the reminiscing of one member

that we found out who really started the Polio Plus program, Easter Seals and who was really

the impetus in bringing women into Rotary.


Past District Governor Frank Ortiz Presides on June 2nd Frank Culley
Sophie and the 2015 Elks Rotary Parade float


After a full night (and part of an afternoon) at Magic Mountain, Sophie returns home at 7:00 AM with

little sleep to ride in the Elks Rodeo Parade at 8:30 AM. Who needs sleep! Sophie is the Rotary Club

of Santa Maria's Rotary exchange student from Germany.

The classic wheels are Fred Pratt's 105 year old Mercedes which is this years Rotary Club of Santa

Maria's Elks Parade float. Virginia is filling in for President Lisa Long and Fred is filling in for Fred.

See more photos in the Photo Albums on the left side of this page about half way down the page.


Sophie and the 2015 Elks Rotary Parade float Frank Culley
A Brief History of Rotary



Paul Harris

“Whatever Rotary may mean to us, to the world it will be known by the results it achieves.”

—Paul P. Harris

Our 1.2 million-member organization started with the vision of one man—Paul P. Harris. The Chicago attorney formed one of the world’s first service organizations, the Rotary Club of Chicago, on 23 February 1905 as a place where professionals with diverse backgrounds could exchange ideas and form meaningful, lifelong friendships. Rotary’s name came from the group’s early practice of rotating meetings among the offices of each member.

Our ongoing commitment

Rotarians have not only been present for major events in history—we’ve been a part of them. From the beginning, three key traits have remained strong throughout Rotary:

We’re truly international. Only 16 years after being founded, Rotary had clubs on six continents. Today we’re working together from around the globe both digitally and in-person to solve some of our world’s most challenging problems.

We persevere in tough times. During WWII, Rotary clubs in Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, and Japan were forced to disband. Despite the risks, many continued to meet informally and following the war’s end, Rotary members joined together to rebuild their clubs and their countries.

Our commitment to service is ongoing. We began our fight against polio in 1979 with a project to immunize 6 million children in the Philippines. By 2012, only three countries remain polio-endemic—down from 125 in 1988.

Notable Rotarians

Rotarians are your neighbors, your community leaders and some of the world’s greatest history-makers:

  • Warren G. Harding, U.S. president
  • Jean Sibelius, Finnish composer
  • Dr. Charles H. Mayo, co-founder of Mayo Clinic
  • Guglielmo Marconi, Italian inventor of the wireless radio and Nobel laureate
  • Thomas Mann, German novelist and Nobel laureate
  • Friedrich Bergius, German chemist and Nobel laureate
  • Admiral Richard E. Byrd, American explorer
  • Jan Masaryk, foreign minister of Czechoslovakia
  • H.E. Soleiman Frangieh, president of Lebanon
  • Dianne Feinstein, U.S. senator
  • Manny Pacquaio, Filipino world-champion boxer and congressman
  • Richard Lugar, U.S. senator
  • Frank Borman, American astronaut
  • Edgar A. Guest, American poet and journalist
  • Sir Harry Lauder, Scottish entertainer
  • Franz Lehar, Austrian composer
  • Lennart Nilsson, Swedish photographer
  • James Cash Penney, founder of JC Penney Co.
  • Carlos Romulo, UN General Assembly president
  • Sigmund Sternberg, English businessman and philanthropist

Ready to make history with us? Get involved. 

A Brief History of Rotary Frank Culley
We Are "The Rotary Club of Santa Maria"

Established in 1922

Our commitment to the Rotary motto "Service above Self" is exemplified by the number of different types of projects that we support both locally and internationally. 

Contact us if you would like to be a part of a vibrant organization that serves our community and the world.

Webmaster: Frank Culley; fculley.rotary@gmail.com


We Are "The Rotary Club of Santa Maria" Frank Culley
Ziggy Marley getting involved in the fight.
Ziggy Marley getting involved in the fight. Steve Burnside
We Are "This Close" to Ending Polio
We Are "This Close" to Ending Polio Frank Culley
Secure Club Documents
If you are a member and have a "Login Name" and a "Password", go to the "Admin" tab, then click on "View Club Documents" located under "My ClubRunner". There you can view our Constitution, our ByLaws and several other secure club documents.
Secure Club Documents Frank Culley
This is Rotary
This is Rotary Frank Culley
20 Top Reasons to be a Rotarian
1.Friendship: In an increasingly complex world, Rotary provides one of the most basic human needs: the need for friendship and fellowship. It is one of two reasons why Rotary began in 1905. 2. Business Development: The second original reason for Rotary's beginning is business development. Everyone needs to network. Rotary consists of a cross section of every business community. Its members come from all walks of life. Rotarians help each other. 3. Personal Growth and Development: Membership in Rotary continues one's growth and education in human relations and personal development. 4. Leadership Development: Rotary is an organization of leaders and successful people. Serving in Rotary positions is like a college education. Leadership: learning how to motivate, influence and lead leaders. 5. Citizenship in the Community: Membership in a Rotary club makes one a better community citizen. The average Rotary club consists of the most active citizens of any community.
20 Top Reasons to be a Rotarian
Our Rotary Club's History

Check out "Our Rotary Club" which is the history of our Rotary club, by John Henning. Look  under "Site Pages" on the left side of this page.

Our Rotary Club's History John Henning
Welcome to Our WebSite!

If you are a member of The Rotary Club of Santa Maria and need help "Logging In" and "Changing Your Password", please contact Web Master Frank Culley at fculley.rotary@gmail.com.
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